My phone died last night, and it was the end of the world. I couldn’t meet up with my friends without being able to BBM them, and I couldn’t find my way around without my Google Maps app. I don’t know how people survived way back when.

In class a few weeks ago we talked about the “Information Society” that we live in, and I can’t even imagine living without it. This society depends on everyone, not just the mass media, to inform and disseminate information. All social actors appear as information emitters and receivers, so the more people that use it, the better it works.

It’s truly amazing how much technology has changed our lives. I’m on Google a thousand times a day, I download music from bittorrents and I share all my photos on Photobucket. And if I can’t use my phone for BBM, Twitter, Facebook, whatever, we have problems. Some people criticize my generation for being constantly “wired,” but honestly, I think it’s a great thing. Like I’ve said before, Twitter is one of my main sources of news. It’s never been easier to be informed or keep in touch. Anyone who doesn’t jump on this information bandwagon is going to find themselves left in the dust – we can only move forward from here.