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The past four months have been a break from real life. Sure, I still have papers to write and tests to take, but there’s nothing normal about weekend trips to other countries, casually passing the Sagrada Familia on a daily basis, or even going to the beach between classes. This semester has been more like a vacation than anything else. But still, spring break merits another vacation, so Brittany, Grace, Alexa and I went to Málaga, Spain in La Costa Del Sol for a week.

Unfortunately La Costa Del Sol was lacking in the “Sol” department, so it wasn’t the relaxing beach vacation that we planned. But it was still a great time. Our hotel was in Torremolinos, a resort town about 15 minutes outside of Málaga. We went to a lot of hole-in-the-wall bars and restaurants and met a ton of people from the UK, Ireland and all over Spain. We also went to the city one night to meet up with friends from school and saw some of the traditional Semana Santa celebrations. It was nice to get away for awhile, but I’m happy to be spending my last full week back in Barcelona.

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This weekend in Barcelona confirmed one thing: I never want to leave. Two of my roommates went to Paris, but I hate Paris and Alexa already went, so we stayed for a chill weekend in Barca.  The combination of sun, bikes and good food made it one of the best yet.

On Friday we woke up pretty early (for us) and headed to Barceloneta. For the past three months, everyone in Spain has been bundled up in parkas and boots, no matter what the temperature, but on the first of April everyone finally ditched the layers for some more appropriate attire. The beach was packed, and everyone was in bathing suits. We went to Champagneria for lunch, where you can get a bottle of champagne for 5 euro, and really good sandwiches for only 2 or 3. Then we went back to the beach for a few hours. Before this weekend, I was the palest I’ve been in years, so I’ve never been happier to have tan lines.

Saturday we started with brunch at Milk. Best brunch I’ve had in Barcelona. Everyone in the restaurant was eyeing my french toast when it got brought to the table. Then we did the one thing I’ve been wanting to do since we arrived… rented bikes! There a ton of places in Barca that let you rent a bike for 5 or 10 euro, so we finally did it. It was almost embarrassing at first because I hadn’t ridden a bike in forever and couldn’t stay balanced to save my life, trying to weave in and out of the crowds. I almost got hit by multiple cars and almost took out multiple old ladies, but eventually I got the hang of it. We rode from the beach to our apartment by Sagrada Familia, back down through Parc de la Ciutadella, along la playa, and past Port Vell. After returning the bikes, we walked around El Born, one of my favorite districts in Barcelona. We stopped at El Magnifico for the best cup of coffee in town, then wandered around until we found Princesa 23, where we ate an amazing dinner. Most productive day I’ve had in Barcelona yet. And, sorry mom, but I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to come home.

Last night was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. The parade in Barcelona was cool, but Carnival in Sitges was absolutely amazing.

Sitges is about 30 minutes outside of Barcelona, 25 miles south along the coast. We got to Sitges around 9:30 p.m., and the parade had already started. There were huge floats, and everyone was decked out in extravagant costumes and soo much glitter. It was the Barcelona parade on steroids.

The people in the parade weren’t the only ones dressed up, though. Every single person there was wearing the most elaborate costume I have ever seen. Halloween has nothing on Sitges Carnival. Some people were scary, some were funny, and a lot were in drag, but no one was in street clothes.

After the parade, everyone moved to the beach. Words can’t even describe what it was like to be there. There were probably half a million people, from the wall to the coast, from end to end. The DJs blared music and lights came and went over the crowd. I don’t think there was a single person there that wasn’t having the time of their life.

Worn out, we finally headed back to Barca around 4 a.m. Carnival was an experience to say the least.